Party Dress

Parties are an important part of social contact. In formal situations, we need to look elegant and appropriate as a sign of respect to our host, dressing up shows that you value the occasion enough to make an effort.

The concept of modern party - as a social gathering - originates in Europe, where social functions have long been the stage on which people have used the chance to show off their taste and sophistication to gain social standing. The right party wear can turn an ordinary girl into an eye-catching princess.

Susan Graph, the Chief Designer at David Charles, believes that thinks that elegant social attire should not be exclusively reserved to adults; children too deserve respect and admiration for the way the dress and behave at social events.

Thanks to its understated British style, fine craftsmanship, and fashion colors and patterns, David Charles has become a leading brand in Europe for luxury party wear. Since its foundation in 1970, David Charles has prided itself on always using the finest materials available and finishing dresses to the highest standards

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